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Protecting LibreOffice (or OpenOffice.org) Documents

There are times where you need to store or share a sensitive document. And if you use Dropbox, the recently discovered privacy flaw should make you a little bit concerned about your sensitive data.

Saving with Encryption

Click File > Save As... In the following window, make sure Save with password option is ticked.

Save with password tick-box in Windows

Save with password tick-box in Windows

Enter the password to open the document in the following dialog. Optionally, if you click the More Options button, you can select the option to open file in read-only mode, and specify a second password, to allow only persons with the second password to edit the document.

Save As with Password Dialog

Save As with Password Dialog

If you only specify one password (password to open), the document will be editable for everyone with the first password.

Opening Encrypted Document

When you open an encrypted document, a password dialog will be shown. Enter the password here to open the document.

Opening an Encrypted / Password-protected Document

Opening an Encrypted / Password-protected Document

If you save the document with the second password to enable editing, the document will be opened in read-only mode. To edit the document, click on the edit button in the toolbar (highlighted in yellow in the image below). You will be asked for the second password in the following dialog.

Edit File Button is Highlighted in Yellow

Edit File Button is Highlighted in Yellow

There you have it, protecting documents in LibreOffice is very easy.

Important note: Do not forget your passwords! The document would not be recoverable if you lost your passwords. I use KeePass Password Safe to remember my passwords :).


Radeon HD 5870 Launched!

While catching up with news from the digital world, I found out that the Radeon HD 5870 is finally launched! Oh what joy it is to see the reviews and benchmark on this one with me being an ATi fanboy and all. 🙂

On many of the benchmarks its performance surpasses the current king of the crop, the GTX 285. The raw power comes with a low electric consumption, much lower than the HD 4890. What’s very interesting is that it can drive up to 6 monitors on some special cards, this feature is definitely handy for me at work. It is priced quite high at $399, but that is to be expected with a new king of the hill, hehe.

You can read the reviews in my favorite sites, here or here, and also here and here for the CrossFire configuration and share the joy with me.