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Win7 Installation Craziness

It’s 11:40 PM, it’s crunch time, need to install Win7 in one of the machines, using the not-so-standard RAID-1 configuration ,and there it goes, the classic message, “Setup was unable to create a new system partition blah blah..”. Arrgh! Spent almost an hour trying to fix this one. To make it worst, Windows 7 installation load time is so long, each unsuccessful attempt drove me even crazier!

Finally nailed it though. Note to self : next time, make sure you follow this list when installing Windows 7:

  • Make sure that only the target hard drive is connected, disconnect all other unnecessary drives
  • Make sure that the target hard drive has the first boot drive priority from BIOS
  • Insert the USB stick containing necessary SATA drivers only when asked (target drive selection process), and disconnect it after the driver has been installed
  • If it still doesn’t work, try to allocate a 200 MB unallocated space before any partitions at the target drive, so that the installer could use it for the system partition

Well, I hope this information will be helpful for anyone that happen to come across it.