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Memorable Quotes: Who Is The Leader

stockvault-bridge-resizeWhen I was in high school, I joined a militaristic leadership organization in my school. It was called the “school security organization”. To get in you must pass the selection test which is basically 4-weekends (and some weekdays) of more than 12-hours sessions of physical and mental torture from the seniors, including seniors that were 10-years older. If you pass the torture test, you are part of a group that helps the school enforce its rules to the students. We were allowed to do searches or discipline our fellow students, if they do wrong. And as always in Indonesia, unfortunately, law enforcement groups are often immune to some of the rules itself.

However, there is this one very good quote that I remember clearly from the doctrines that were given to us in the selection test. It goes like this:

“Who is the leader? The leader is one who: Knows the Way, Shows the Way, Goes the Way”

Of many definitions of a leader this one echoes the strongest in my mind, especially when I am working in the professional world now. A leader must know the way, he must have a vision. He must show the vision to others. Most importantly, a leader leads other by going the way he envisioned himself. He is the first to face the consequence of his path. He is an example for others to follow. People would naturally follow good leaders, he doesn’t have to force people to his will.

You don’t see many leaders around. I see many many bosses, or people who think they are the boss. The problem with bosses are, they don’t solve problems. When they see problems, the tell people to solve them. They made up rules but fail to comply with them themselves. Bosses have this negative influence to their underlings, they want to become bosses themselves someday. And when a boss meets a boss, they will fight to show “who’s the boss”. Sigh..

We need more leaders. And I think there are leaders in every one of us. We should try to be one. Really hard. For the sake of our self, and everyone around us.