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Snow Leopard Unibody MBP Battery Life Test #2 : The Apple Test

Work has been crazy these few days, there’s this deadline that we’re trying to make in the office so I was having trouble allocating enough time for the perfect Apple environment test.

Moreover, my machine also has the notorious auto-sleep problem. A problem in which the notebook does not want to sleep by itself when it is left idle, even though the Energy Saver preference has been set properly. The manual sleep function works just fine though. This irritates me so much – you have to close the lid to preserve battery – that it made really want to format the machine as soon as possible. And the second battery test would not be valid if I formatted the machine.

Nevertheless I did a partial battery test using the Apple scenario. I did the test for only approximately half of the battery capacity. Here is the details of what I did. I charged the battery to a full 100%, and then used the notebook the way Apple tested them, by browsing some websites and writing some documents, the screen brightness was at 50% and so was the keyboard brightness. I used Firefox for browsing and OpenOffice.org to edit the document.

The result : my battery was down by 45% in 1 hour and 52 minutes. The average battery usage is 0.40178% per minute, which means 100% battery life would approximately equal to 249 minutes or 4 hours and 9 minutes of usage.

Hmm, that didn’t differ much than the result of the first test.. Maybe the running background processes are the ones really eating up the battery. And it’s possible that they are the ones responsible for the MBP’s auto-sleep problem. Well, we’ll see about that in the next test, after I format the notebook.


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