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Snow Leopard Unibody MBP Battery Life Test #1 : Real-World

I’ve finished the first of four items planned on the battery life test, the real-world usage test.

I do the test while working in the office. Since I am a developer working in Windows platform, I used the notebook to remotely connect to my development machine and see how long it would last.

I started with 100% battery, programs running were Firefox, Apple Mail, Adium, iTunes, TextEdit, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection. I didn’t check the display brightness level, but I assume that it was at 100% all the time because I have a big glass window behind my desk and I live in the tropics. I was using AirPort to connect to the network, and Bluetooth was disabled.

I did all the browsing, emailing, chatting, listening to music in OS X, and only coding on the remote Windows machine. I also did some downloading in iTunes. At lunch break, I streamed a movie for about twenty to thirty minutes to watch while eating. The machine went to sleep several times while I was briefly away from the desk.

I think this test could be described as “moderate wireless usage”. The Remote Desktop Connection constantly streamed some data during the test period, occasionally wireless usage went high when I downloaded something or when I streamed a movie. The CPU usage were not intensive.

The result, I got to work for 3 hours and 58 minutes, before the battery was completely drained (0%) and the machine went to hibernate by itself.

Next up is the Apple Environment test.


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